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Kornet made a contribution, Moussa Dembele scored twice, Jesus and Sterling squandered good opportunities, Laporte and Edsson took turns to make mistakes, Manchester City became the background board in Lyon's dark horse road. After losing to Monaco, Liverpool and Tottenham, Guardiola's team once again fell into the Champions League knockout stage in a surprising way. From the initial deployment to the offensive deployment, and then to the on-the-spot substitution adjustment, Guardiola's use of troops in this campaign has too much to blame. The scenery during the double-killing of Real Madrid was as if it were yesterday, and the idealist master who just deliberately stepped out of his comfort zone was once again entangled by the "heart demon".

科内特(Kornet)做出了贡献,穆萨(Moussa Dembele)得分两次,耶稣和斯特林(Sterling)浪费了很多机会,拉波特(Laporte)和埃德森(Edsson)犯错,曼城成为里昂黑马道路的背景板。在输给摩纳哥,利物浦和热刺之后,瓜迪奥拉的球队再次以令人惊讶的方式跌入了冠军联赛淘汰赛阶段。从最初的部署到进攻性部署,再到现场换人调整,瓜迪奥拉在这次战役中对部队的使用都值得指责。皇马被双重杀害时的景象就像昨天一样,而故意走出舒适区的理想主义者再次被“心魔”所缠住。

After the strategic focus shifted to the Champions League, Guardiola used the league as a tactical testing ground to practice the play prepared for the Champions League knockouts in advance to avoid sudden changes and chaos like the previous two seasons. In the two rounds against Real Madrid, Manchester City gave up the main ball-control strategy and successively used 442 and no-front 433 formations to implement anti-reverse and oppressive play respectively, and achieved good results.


Unexpectedly, Guardiola did not use these two practically tested blueprints, but put forward a three-center/five-back system. Against Everton in the New Year's first game, Guardiola has tried the three-back style. In that game, the player who played the all-rounder in the backcourt was Rodri. The performance of Manchester City's defense was acceptable. The problem was that De Bruyne & Gundogan were placed too late, which affected the quality of the offense. In this campaign, Fernandinho became the backcourt commander, Rodri returned to the front of the defensive line, De Bruyne came to the front position, and the bilateral forward play was left behind.

出乎意料的是,瓜迪奥拉没有使用这两个经过实际测试的蓝图,而是提出了一个三中五后卫的系统。在新年的第一场对阵埃弗顿的比赛中,瓜迪奥拉尝试了三分卫的风格。在那场比赛中,在后场扮演全能选手的球员是罗德里。曼城的防守表现是可以接受的。问题在于De Bruyne&Gundogan被安置得太晚了,这影响了进攻的质量。在这次竞选中,费尔南迪尼奥(Fernandinho)成为后场指挥官,罗德里(Rodri)回到了防守线的前部,德布鲁因(De Bruyne)成为前线位置,而双边前锋则被抛在后面。

First played 120 minutes with Paris in the French League Cup final, and then withstood the pressure to eliminate Juventus in the away field. Lyon's tactical execution ability on the field was impressive. Rudy Garcia, who used to hold high the banner of offensive football in Serie A, has become a pragmatic coach. Lyon can organize the defense patiently when the opponent's soldiers are pressing, or he can take the initiative to press the offense when the opponent's moves are irregular.

首先在法国联赛杯决赛中与巴黎一起出战120分钟,然后承受了在客场淘汰尤文图斯的压力。里昂在战场上的战术执行能力令人印象深刻。鲁迪·加西亚(Rudy Garcia)曾经在意甲高举进攻性足球的旗帜,如今已成为一名务实的教练。里昂可以在对手的士兵按下时耐心地组织防守,或者在对手的动作不规则时主动发起进攻。

Before Korné scored, Lyon played unconservatively. Ekhamby and Depay kept rushing behind Manchester City's defense, and the three central defenders of Manchester City were in danger. In this campaign, Manchester City's performance in the oppressive phase was not as aggressive as they were against Real Madrid. The two wing guards have limited pressure, and De Bruyne's force in the frontcourt is not as strong as Foden. Lyon can either use the ground ball to find opportunities from Rodri and Gundogan, or directly use a long pass to hit behind the Blue Moon defense.


In the previous FA Cup semi-finals, Manchester City's possession rate was as high as 71%, and the number of shots was three times as many as their opponents. The five-back defense system created by Arteta limits Manchester City's use of the width of the field and ribs. Guardiola's team can only use crosses frequently to hit their luck. In this battle, facing Lyon, which has a more tight defensive system, Manchester City's attack resolutely took the ground, and Sterling continued to attack the opponent in the left rib.


Thanks to the players’ excellent movement and confrontational abilities, Lyon’s performance on the defensive end is very aggressive. He can always maintain a number advantage in the ball area. The overall pressure is strong in the implementation of the press, and it can be timely after the offside failure. Back to catch up for leaks. Manchester City could not find an opportunity to speed up during the advancing stage, and the space for forwards to sprint after falling into position is already very small.


It was difficult for Cancelo to complete the bottom pass in the inverted foot position, and Sterling received limited support and failed to take advantage of the confrontation with Denaire. Manchester City's left attack failed to create too many threats, and the right attack was even difficult to attack near the penalty area due to the lack of winger suppression.


From last season's two-round confrontation between Manchester City and Lyon, it can be seen that when facing opponents with strong physical confrontation and running ability, the most critical players in Manchester's midfielder are Bernardo Silva and De Bruyne. The former has amazing running ability and can connect various theaters in series to reduce the pressure on the ball holder. The latter can launch a counterattack from a deeper position, combining the backcourt organization and offensive advancement to ensure that the team is in a passive situation. Of countermeasures. Bernardo Silva was hidden in the snow, De Bruyne appeared again in an awkward position, and Manchester City's offensive frustration was also reasonable.

从上赛季曼彻斯特城和里昂的两轮交锋中可以看出,面对身体对抗和奔跑能力强的对手时,曼彻斯特中场最关键的球员是贝尔纳多·席尔瓦和德布鲁因。前者具有惊人的运行能力,可以串联连接各个剧院,以减轻持球器上的压力。后者可以从更深的位置发起反击,结合后场组织和进攻优势,以确保球队处于被动状态。对策。贝尔纳多·席尔瓦(Bernardo Silva)藏在雪中,德·布鲁因(De Bruyne)再次出现在尴尬的位置,曼城的进攻挫败感也很合理。

In the second half of the first half, Lyon's physical fitness entered a bottleneck period. Guardiola adjusted the position of the striker. De Bruyne, who came to the left, sent many wonderful passes for Sterling, and Manchester City's attack began. Potential. After changing sides, Guardiola replaced Mahrez with 433, and Manchester City suppressed the frontcourt and created consecutive opportunities.

在上半年的下半年,里昂的身体健康进入了瓶颈时期。瓜迪奥拉调整了前锋的位置。左派的德布鲁因(De Bruyne)为斯特林(Sterling)送出了许多精彩的传球,曼城开始了进攻。潜在。双方改变立场后,瓜迪奥拉以433取代马赫雷斯,曼城压制前场并创造了连续的机会。

From the unbalanced three-back system on the two wings to the 433 formation in front of the center of gravity, Manchester City’s transformation has realized the suppression of the Lyon defense line. After the width is opened, the players in the center will also get a larger space for activity. Jingdogan was in this period of time. Nie performed well, reducing the pressure on De Blaunet. In the process of being eliminated by Liverpool and Tottenham before, Guardiola's excessive trust in Gundogan has cost Manchester City. After Rodry joined, Gundogan played a new role between the defensive midfielder and the offensive midfielder. He had to participate in the defense and response of the backcourt, and he could also send a threatening ball from a forward position. The waist defense and ball issues have been eased to a certain extent.


After De Bruyne scored, Rudy Garcia changed three people in a short time. Lyon, who regained energy, began to put pressure on Manchester City's backcourt, and the game scene became open. Manchester City relied on De Bruyne and Gundogan's organization to continuously get the opportunity to score goals. Lyon can also easily pass the midfield. The test of the offensive situation is the ability of the defenders to resist pressure and the ability of the strikers to grasp opportunities.

德布鲁因得分后,鲁迪·加西亚(Rudy Garcia)在短时间内改变了三个人。恢复精力的里昂开始对曼城的后场施加压力,比赛现场变得开放。曼彻斯特城依靠De Bruyne和Gundogan的组织不断获得进球机会。里昂也可以轻松通过中场。进攻态势的考验是防守者抵抗压力的能力和罢工者抓住机会的能力。

De Bruyne, who has strong running and shooting abilities, is centered and the attack was originally a great opportunity for Manchester City to establish a victory. Regrettably, the Manchester City players at both ends of the formation failed to show a performance equivalent to their worth. Before Moussa Dembele scored twice, Jesus and Sterling missed opportunities one after another. Following the second leg of last season against Tottenham and the recent FA Cup loss to Arsenal, Laporte once again made a fatal error in the key game, and Edsson’s throw away directly ruined Manchester City’s hope of promotion. .

拥有强大的奔跑和射门能力的德布鲁因(De Bruyne)处于中心位置,而进攻原本是曼城取得胜利的绝好机会。遗憾的是,曼城队两端的球员都未能表现出与其价值相当的表现。在穆萨·登贝莱(Moussa Dembele)得分两次之前,耶稣和斯特林一次又一次错失机会。在上赛季对阵热刺的第二回合以及最近足总杯输给阿森纳之后,世界杯怎么买球拉波特在关键比赛中再次犯了致命错误,埃德森的弃权直接破坏了曼城晋级的希望。 。

Manchester City have lost 9 games in the Premier League this season, and struggled to enter the League Cup final by losing at home. The FA Cup's way to defend the FA Cup stopped in the semi-finals, and teams of all levels can win against them. , The lessons learned by the Blue Moon Legion in the Civil War have been profound enough. The left combination of David Silva and Sane no longer exists, Bernardo Silva's state has declined significantly, Aguero's attendance record has been smashed by injuries, and Manchester City's defense has not improved compared to the past. , The original strong frontcourt also has many problems, and it is very dangerous to continue to stick to the past play in the strong dialogue.

曼城本赛季在英超联赛中输了9场比赛,并因在家中输球而难以进入联赛杯决赛。足总杯保卫足总杯的方式在半决赛中停止了,各个级别的球队都可以击败他们。 ,蓝月亮军团在内战中汲取的教训已经足够深刻。大卫·席尔瓦(David Silva)和桑尼(Sane)的左组合不再存在,贝尔纳多·席尔瓦(Bernardo Silva)的状态已大大下降,阿圭罗(A​​guero)的出勤记录被伤病打破,曼彻斯特城的防守与过去相比没有改善。 ,原来的强力前场也有很多问题,在强硬的对话中继续坚持过去的表现是非常危险的。

In order to seize the chance of salvation in the Champions League knockouts, Guardiola began to practice the Champions League later in the season, seeking a new way to clear the knockout. Before going to the Bernabéu, Guardiola had previewed the 442 system twice in the league (West Ham & Leicester); before the second round against Real Madrid, Foden, Sterling and Jesus led the "speed version" 433 has also been used in games against Norwich and Watford.

为了抓住在冠军联赛淘汰赛中获胜的机会,瓜迪奥拉在本赛季晚些时候开始练习冠军联赛,寻求清除淘汰赛的新方法。在前往伯纳乌之前,瓜迪奥拉曾两次在联赛中预赛过442系统(西汉姆和莱斯特)。在对阵皇马的第二轮比赛之前,弗登,斯特林和耶稣率领的“速度版” 433也曾在对诺里奇和沃特福德的比赛中使用。

Both of these play styles are based on "no ball", and have withstood the test in the top 16 games, and can continue to be used against strong teams. Lyon's strength is not particularly prominent in the quarterfinals. Guardiola has no need to overthrow the recent hard-earned test results. It is a huge risk to open the dusty three-centre system.


From Bayern Munich to Manchester City, Guashuai after leaving Barcelona is obsessed with system construction, but he has no confidence to stick to the end. He always wavered in the face of difficulties time and time again, and at the critical juncture of the Champions League knockouts, he repeatedly made "curious tricks". The double-killing of Real Madrid could have been the starting point for Manchester City's gorgeous turn, but Guardiola's "heart demon" once again became a huge obstacle for Manchester City to reach the top of the Champions League.


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