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【世界杯买球规则】赶上火锅宴的亚泰却爆了大冷 批评声浇到球员头上

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   In a closed environment, playing 10 rounds in 33 days, the schedule is devilish enough, and life is boring enough. How to ease the pressure on the 6 participating teams in the Changzhou Division, the Division has made a lot of efforts. Two days before the fourth round, the competition area began to adjust the diet. The first hot pot banquet to "catch up" was Changchun Yatai, who temporarily ranked first in the Changzhou competition area. During the hot pot banquet, the Yatai soldiers feasted and ate them neatly.


   However, Changchun Yatai, an early adopter, did not realize another change from the changes in the competition area-in the intensive schedule, appropriate changes will greatly enhance the team's combat effectiveness. In this campaign, Babayan’s starting lineup is still “old faces”. Last season’s main players Xue Yanan, Zhang Li, Li Guangwen, etc. were placed on the bench, plus there are also forwards like Gaudi and Aron on the bench. , Yatai fans are not worried that this game will go out of a dark line.

但是,早期采用者长春亚泰并没有从比赛区域的变化中意识到另一变化-在密集的赛程中,适当的变化将大大提高球队的战斗力。在这个广告系列中,巴巴扬的首发阵容仍然是“老面孔”。上赛季的主要球员薛亚南,张莉,李光文等都坐在板凳上,此外还有像高迪和阿隆这样的前锋。 ,亚泰球迷并不担心这款游戏会走出一条黑线。

   The fact is just the opposite. In this campaign, Yatai, who had the initiative and controlled the pace of the game, did not score a match with it. Instead, he fell into anxiety because of the lack of a good way to break the dense defense. The stalemate of the game came to the 77th minute in the transition between offense and defense. Kunshan FC's Ruan Yang broke into the penalty area from the left in the counterattack and scored a goal with a small angle shot.


In fact, Changchun Yatai, who was behind in the game, is still stronger on paper than Kunshan FC. Babayan sent Gaudí, who had recovered from injury, together with Tan Long and Aaron. The three attackers were in Serginho’s. A fierce attack was launched in the threading, but it still couldn't change the backward situation. After losing this game, the voice of criticism spread across the air to the Changzhou Division, like the cool autumn rain pouring on the heads of Yatai soldiers. For this brand new Changchun Yatai, the fans hope that this team can follow their winning script to go all the way, because Changchun Yatai has only one way to win the championship, and other results are meaningless. After all, the runner-up will lose the value of existence in the 1.5 surpassing contest.

实际上,在比赛中落后的长春亚泰在纸面上仍然比昆山足球俱乐部更强大。巴巴扬(Babayan)与谭朗(Tan Long)和亚伦(Aaron)一起送了受伤后康复的高迪。这三名袭击者在塞尔吉尼奥的。线程中发起了猛烈的攻击,但仍然无法改变落后的情况。输掉这场比赛后,批评的声音直飞常州分区,就像亚泰士兵头上倾盆着凉爽的秋雨。对于这种全新的长春亚泰,球迷们希望这支球队能够按照自己的获胜脚本一路走下去,因为长春亚泰只有一种赢得冠军的方式,其他结果毫无意义。毕竟,亚军将在1.5的超越比赛中失去存在的价值。

"This is a football game. When our team is getting better and better, the result did not get the ideal score. Including the last round, we only got a draw. In this game, we were caught by a mistake. The opponent seized the opportunity to break the goal. Here, I want to thank my players for fighting to the end on the field. Unfortunately, we did not score the goal that we should score. I think the game system and the closed environment have produced our players Certain influence, but the league is still going on, we will work hard to get points." Babayan's summary did not involve the rotation of the lineup.


   The strength of the main lineup is even higher and the bench depth is thick enough. Babayan could have handled the other five teams in the division with ease, but after four rounds, the outside world can hear the doubts. The first two rounds are lack of midfield organization, the last two rounds is the lineup without rotation. In fact, for a head coach with experience in the Asian Cup and World Cup qualifiers, his employment may be stubborn, but what really affects the team is the cohesion of the team and the insight of the problem-solving players at critical moments. After the game, some media asked Babayan how he was injured when he replaced Gaudi in the 83rd minute? "He was recovering from the last game after being injured, but he couldn't play the whole game according to his physical condition, so this game is also a substitute." Babayan did not answer why he did not send Gaudí at the beginning of the second half.

主阵容的实力甚至更高,板凳深度也足够厚。巴巴扬本可以轻松应对该部门的其他五支球世界杯买球规则队,但是经过四轮比赛之后,外界可以听到质疑。前两轮缺少中场组织,后两轮是没有轮换的阵容。实际上,对于一位具有亚洲杯和世界杯预选赛经验的总教练来说,他的工作也许固执,但真正影响团队的是团队的凝聚力和关键时刻解决问题的能力。比赛结束后,一些媒体问巴巴扬,他在第83分钟替世界杯怎么买球换高迪时受伤了吗? “他受伤后正在从上一场比赛中恢复过来,但是他不能根据自己的身体状况参加整个比赛,因此这场比赛也可以替代。”巴巴扬没有回答为什么他在下半场开始时没有送高迪。

In the Changzhou Division, no one doubts the strength of Changchun Yatai, because Heilongjiang FC and Xinjiang Snow Leopards lineups are not well-organized. Sichuan Jiuniu and Kunshan FC are both teams that relied on replacement to make it into the Chinese League. Nantong Zhiyun is not Changchun Yatai’s. Opponents, but after the fourth round, Changchun Yatai gave up the top spot, "I said that the game system and the closed environment are the same for every team. Who seized the opportunity, who If you play better, whoever gets the score. The game still has to be played one after another." Babayan said.


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