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世界杯怎么买球:亚冠东亚区小组赛或在多哈举行 big4马不停蹄奔赴

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   Article source: Beijing headlines


   On October 3, there was news from the AFC that in view of the overall good performance of the AFC West Asia region matches in Doha, Qatar,


   The semi-finals of the Western Asia region of the 2020 AFC Champions League will be held in Doha on the evening of the 3rd local time. The opponents are Saudi Al Nasr and Iran Persepolis. This is actually the last game in West Asia. Doha is very effective in hosting events in West Asia and has won praise from all parties including FIFA senior officials. In view of the fact that none of its member associations (regions) have the intention to bid for the East Asia region competition, the AFC has made preliminary plans to also arrange the East Asia region competition to be held in Doha in November.


   In early July this year, the AFC announced that the AFC East Asia Region Group G and Group H group matches will be held in Malaysia. An internal reason for this arrangement is that the Malaysian Johor team can take this opportunity to gain home advantage, but the arrangement of the E and F groups has not yet come to fruition. In addition, affected by the development of the global epidemic, the Malaysian government is also facing tremendous pressure on epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work. Therefore, whether the G and H group competitions can be held in the country as scheduled is still in doubt. Affected by various uncertain factors, the AFC must make a reliable plan for the overall arrangement of events in the East Asia region.


   In late September, the AFC confirmed at the Executive Committee meeting to extend the start date of the East Asian region game to November 15, and the original planned two-stage knockout "merge" was arranged in a period of time. However, because the six participating member associations in the East Asia region, including the Chinese Football Association, are unwilling to host, the AFC has to "designate the venue." As the host of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar's ability and sincerity in hosting AFC matches in the West Asia region has given the AFC more confidence in continuing to choose to host matches in Doha.


   It is reported that the AFC has recently communicated with the Qatar Football Association to seek the feasibility of Qatar to host East Asian events from the end of November to the beginning of December. In addition, the 2020 Club World Cup that was originally scheduled to start on December 10 is likely to be cancelled, so all this has created conditions for the implementation of the plan.


On the evening of October 2, local time, the AFC, the Qatar 2022 World Cup Organizing Committee and the Qatar Football Association participated in a remote online seminar. The theme was "How to hold major sports events during the epidemic" , And the deputy director of the "Games and Football Activities Department" of the AFC Secretariat, Beldikulov, who participated in the meeting, also answered questions about the arrangements for the AFC East Asia region, which is of general concern to the outside world, through dialogue.


  Can the AFC East Asia region matches be conducted normally? Once the East Asia region cannot be held, will this year's AFC Champions League be directly won by the first place in West Asia? Berdykulov first emphasized that “the AFC cannot cancel the AFC East Asia region competition.” Surprisingly, he also revealed that the East Asia region will start on November 18, not the previous Asian Football Association. Joint announcement on November 15. If this is the case, then it is undoubtedly a good thing for the four Chinese Super League teams that only finished their journey in the Super League on November 12th.

亚足联东亚地区比赛能否正常进行?一旦东亚地区无法举行,今年的亚足联冠军联赛是否会直接由西亚冠军赢得?别尔迪库洛夫首先强调“亚足联不能取消亚足联东亚地区竞争。”令人惊讶的是,他还透露,东亚地区将从11月18日开始,而不是之前的亚洲足球协会。 11月15日的联合宣布。如果是这样的话,那么对11月12日才结束中超联赛之旅的四支中超球队来说无疑是一件好事。

   Judging from Berdykulov’s answer, the question of "West Asia's first name directly won the championship" does not exist. According to the plan, the AFC Champions League final will be held on December 19. Regarding the final schedule, Beldikulov said: "The AFC will announce it next."


   If the AFC finally confirms that the East Asian region competition will be held in Doha, it will undoubtedly pose a huge challenge for the Super League teams, and some practical problems need to be faced. For example, all teams still need to strictly abide by the relevant national regulations. Do international travel conditions meet the collective travel needs of the teams? What kind of epidemic prevention requirements must each team meet after exiting and entering the country? All these need to be understood one by one by all parties in order to launch a response plan in time.


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