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世界杯怎么买球_炒掉里弗斯只是开始? 快船如何才能兑现潜力

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   After an accidental exit from the playoffs, the Clippers slashed to the coaching bench, but Rivers' dismissal will only be the beginning of a series of changes during the Clippers offseason. "The Athletic" reporter Jovan Buha wrote that while the Clippers are looking for Rivers' successor, they also need to answer the following three questions in the coming weeks and months. Only through further adjustments, the Clippers' potential can be truly realized.

季后赛意外退出后,快船队大幅晋升到教练席,但是里弗斯的解雇只是季后赛休赛期一系列变化的开始。 《体育报》记者乔万·布哈(Jovan Buha)写道,快船队在寻找里弗斯的继任者时,他们还需要在接下来的几周和几个月内回答以下三个问题。只有进一步调整,快船的潜力才能真正实现。

   1. What characteristics should the Clippers have?


   Of course, this largely depends on who the Clippers’ next coach is. This season, the Clippers have always lacked distinctive features. The team has 2 offensive and defensive stars, and 2 best sixth man award winners on the bench. Both offensive and defensive are at the elite level, but no one can tell what they are. They seem to need more systems.


  Pian Rivers has never been a coach who is good at building a system. His characteristic is his unlimited trust in the core players and he values ​​their free play. To a certain extent, this created the Clippers today, but turned them into a strong team without any characteristics. The Lakers insist on a big lineup, the Clippers do not; the red team insists on the magic ball, the Clippers do not; the Bucks tailored tactics for the core of the team, the Clippers do not; the Nuggets will play the "two-man turn" play well, the Clippers Similarly no.

Pian Rivers从来都不是擅长构建系统的教练。他的特点是他对核心球员的无限信任,他珍视他们的自由发挥。在某种程度上,这创造了今天的快船队,但将他们变成了一支没有任何特征的强队。湖人坚持要有一个大阵容,快船则不要。红队坚持魔术球,快船则没有。雄鹿为球队核心量身定制了战术,快船则没有;掘金将打“两人转”打得很好,快船同样没有。

  Even, the Clippers do not have the unpredictable running and offense of the Heat, and the suffocating strong defense of the Heat and the Raptors.


   Of course, the Clippers are full of talent, no shortage of scorers, defensive resources are also good, in line with the standards of the championship team. However, their defense has never met people's expectations, especially when facing top offensive teams; their offense is only at a mid-to-upper level, rarely giving people a thumbs up. They also didn't do a good job of transferring the ball, and the offense often stalled or ended in errors.


   From a theoretical point of view, comprehensiveness should be a characteristic of the Clippers, but in reality it is not. The Clippers coaching team does not believe in small balls, but they did not use their physical advantages to play inside dominance. Those unconventional alternatives are completely absent in the Clippers.


Rivers will occasionally use 2-3 zone defense or 1-2-2 zone defense, or push Jie Michael Green to the fifth position before the lockout; but after the rematch, he gave up the "five-goal shot" lineup. I trust Harrell more and assign him to play the fifth position, and at the critical moment in the final quarter, Xiaoka will replace Morris in the fifth position.

河流有时会使用2-3区防守或1-2-2区防守,或者在禁赛前将迈克尔·格林(Jie Michael Green)推至第五位置;但是在复赛之后,他放弃了“五球射门”阵容。我更信任Harrell并指派他担任第五名,在最后一刻的关键时刻,小卡将取代Morris担任第五名。

   Of course, the reason Rivers is doing this is also related to the Clippers' injuries. They seem to always have a major rotation player injury, which makes them tend to be conservative. The new Clippers coach must work with the senior team to find the Clippers' characteristics that fit them, and unlock some neglected tactical combinations, such as the pick-and-roll cooperation between Xiaoka and George.


  2. What kind of puzzle player is suitable for Car George?

2.哪种拼图游戏者适合Car George?

   The Clippers do not have enough salary space to sign big names in the free agency market, and there are no big fish in this offseason, and the possibility of the Clippers trade introducing a third star is also very slim.


  So, which jigsaw puzzle players are suitable for Xiaoka and George?


   In the regular season of this season, when Kaka and George are on the court at the same time, the Clippers' net efficiency value reaches +13.2, and it drops to +1.1 during the playoffs. Their efficiency has declined, causing the role players to struggle as well.


From a statistical point of view, in this season (including the regular season and the playoffs), in addition to Jr. and George, the Clippers’ best performance was Zubac; during the quarter-finals, Morris Jr. and Lu Wei’s partner Cacho’s net The efficiency value is not bad, but the net efficiency of Lu Wei with Cacho in the regular season is worse. The net efficiency of Shamet and Reggie Jackson with Cacho declined after the advent of the playoffs. Beverly, Green, and Harrell did what others did not: Even with Cacho, the net efficiency score is negative.

从统计的角度来看,在本赛季(包括常规赛和季后赛),除了小和乔治外,快船的最佳表现是祖巴克。在四分之一决赛中,Morris Jr.和Lu Wei的搭档Cacho的净效率值还不错,但在常规赛中Luwei与Cacho的净效率差。季后赛到来后,Shamet和Reggie Jackson和Cacho的净效率下降。贝弗利(Beverly),格林(Green)和哈雷尔(Harrell)做了其他人没有做到的:即使有了Cacho,净效率得分也为负。

   Among them, when Harrell played with Kaka and George, the Clippers' net efficiency value was an outrageous -30.1. This fully shows how great Harrell is to the Clippers during the playoffs. This is also the worst three of the Clippers, and they occupied at least 70 minutes in the playoffs; the offensive efficiency (91.5) and defensive efficiency (121.6) of this trio are extremely poor. Looking at all the Clippers' trio, only the net efficiency value of "Little Card + Harrell + Lu Wei" (-23.7 points, 114 minutes in the field) is close to this trio.


  Theoretically speaking, role players who can perform efficiently without occupying the ball, such as Beverly, Zubac, Shamet and Green, are the most suitable partners for Kaka and George. Three of the four defended well, and three of them had outstanding shooting skills. Zubac, who was not a shooter, was also good at pick and rolls, rebounds, cuts and finishes.


  Relatively speaking, those role players who need to hold the ball to play a high level, such as Morris Jr., Lu Wei and Harrell, will make the Clippers scratch their heads. Little Morris played happily in the quarter-finals, and the Clippers once sent him a first-round pick, it is unlikely to send him away so soon.


   But Lu Wei and Harrell not only have a high usage rate, but their physical disadvantages are irreparable. The defense is a colander, and there are reasons to be regarded as unqualified puzzle players.


   3. What else does the Clippers need?


The Clippers’ needs should include the following three types of players: First, a point guard or ball-handling player with outstanding organizational skills; Second, a defensive backup center to become a replacement for Harrell; Third, a player who can partner with a small card The 3D flanks of George and Morris Jr.

快船的需求应包括以下三种类型的球员:第一,具有出色组织能力的控球后卫或控球球员;第二,建立防御后备中心以替代Harrell;第三,可以与小牌合作的玩家George和Morris Jr的3D侧翼。

   Free agents suitable for these three needs include Dragic, Ibaka and Crowder. The Clippers are lucky to get one of them, let alone two of them. Those with insufficient salary space have to choose between the mini-middle class exception (5.7 million) and the full middle class exception (9.3 million). They also have to pay close attention to the trading market.


   Fired Rivers only toppled the first domino, and the Clippers will have a series of actions in the future, including a possible complete reorganization.

Fired Rivers仅推翻了第一个多米诺骨牌,快船队将在未来采取一系列行动,包括可能的彻底重组。



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